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quan yin lavender flame reiki

The Lavender Flame has been described as pure 5th dimensional energy that has not been toned down. It is possible for us to connect with this energy since it burns away what is lower/denser than 5th dimensional energy

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Lavender Flame Reiki comes from Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of Compassion, the Chohan of the Violet ray previously to St. Germain. She still acts on the Violet ray as the source of the Lavender Flame.


The Lavender Flame is a gentler version of Violet with nurturing aspects and a definite Feminine feel to it. Lavender soothes away negative energies, slowly purifying our fields and bringing us back to our balance. It clears the blocks we may have put up against the Feminine Divine as the result of social or religious conditioning.

It brings a feeling of peace and mercy with it and as a result, may be used when Violet seems too strong an energy for us. Lavender embraces us, nurturing away our traumas and is good for those of us who need Mother's Love.

what is teaches

This energy teaches us that it is all right to be gentle with ourselves, that nothing is gained by self-abuse or being extreme with ourselves. It tells us to " Be here Now. You are perfect as you are and need nothing else to be complete. You are a precious Child of God and you are Enough "

The Flame can be run along with Reiki or any other type of energy healing. It is easy to “turn on” and there are many methods of this that we will discuss later.

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