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Take the crystal in your hands

First use Sei He Ki to clear the stone

Repeat the Se He Ki at least three times, or as many times as you are guided to

Then affirm that the crystal is now programmed with the Mother/Father’s seed blueprint for Creation

When you have made this affirmation three times, affirm that it will be self-cleansing three times

Then use the Cho Ku Rei at least three times, followed by the seal Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen three times

This will amplify the power of the crystal

Crystals are capable of holding many programs all at once, so experiment with this


You can also create crystal layouts in the shape of Cho Ku Rei

Lay the patient on the floor and create the symbol out of crystals around and on them

This will increase the power of the symbols hundreds of thousands of times

Be sure to first clear the crystals of any conflicting programs

Treating a person within this symbol will activate their DNA with the divine light codes and the twelve strands will light up

This method of working is very powerful, so use it with guidance and it will take you to freedom

This freedom is your birthright

You can also use crystals in layouts of the other symbols, but place the hands only until you gain more experience in working with this crystal/symbol combination

As I have previously stated, this is a very powerful method of healing and should be treated with respect

Make sure that you always have permission from the healee and work with love

This system will also encode all the crystalline structures of their body with the divine light codes

The human body is after all, mostly crystalline, the cell salts, the blood (liquid crystal), trace metals, trace minerals and the water content, which is also liquid crystal

You could also use the Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma symbol here to further speed up the DNA activation

This symbol restores the seed blueprint if it has become unbalanced

Visualize or draw it though the crown chakra of the healee

I cannot stress the importance of DNA activation enough

When you consider that we are normally only working with two strands when the potential is twelve strands, you soon realize that we are only utilizing a small portion of our potential

When we have twelve strands activated, we become whole and we have a total connection with the source and the Goddess Gaia/Earth

Again I say, take your birthright with love and be free