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Dolphin Energy

The energy of the Platinum Ray is not new energy but has an extremely high frequency and has been used by many other dimensions and planetary systems to speed up the evolutionary process of many inhabitants residing on planets in these other systems

There is much Joy in connecting with the dolphin energy, as Dolphin energy holds the Platinum Ray magnificently to heal, clear and become pure

When you are in or near the ocean you resonate with dolphin energy, they are platinum in colour and have brought this Ray to earth for many years, they need your assistance to anchor this energy on the land

The Platinum Ray is a silvery energy which resonates to the feminine principle in all beings, this energy is like the energy prior to conception, a feminine energy to be used and honored by all who resonate with the goddess

The energy of the Moon is similar to this Ray, but nowhere near its potential as a healer or activator

The energy of the Platinum Ray is being activated at this time to clear Karma which has been played out on planet Earth and the Solar System.

As we move into light the energy must be continually cleared on all levels for higher radiant energies to manifest

The energy of the Platinum Ray is carried through the nervous system and into the body

Focus on the Platinum Ray for protection for your whole energetic system

Anchor the Platinum Ray with running water, as you shower, bathe or swim. Drink clear high energy (reiki infused) water to wash your system of toxins physically, emotionally and mentally

Use the Platinum Ray daily: drink water and clear the mental body and emotional body through the Heart center by using the Platinum Ray

Open to the love of the goddess and god force through the heart chakra

Resolve fear by thinking of the goddess energy/platinum ray and mentally bathe yourself in this light

The goddess energy is beauty flowing healing into your life

This ray energy is beauty, peace, power, joy and is available to all now



Through Ohia-ra. First published in Celestial Views shared in the Melchizedek Method